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Linda Veal Denture Specialist - Location

Linda Veal's Denture Clinic is conveniently located at 100 Wellington Rd, Unit A in London, Ontario. We are in the business plaza right next to Curry's!

Please call for our hours of operation. Open some evenings, by appointment only.

Our phone number is 519 858-9700 and our fax is 519 858-9600.

The first step to a better smile, fit and function.

Call for a free consultation! This will allow us to discuss your individual needs and the choices that are available to you. We will provide you with the information you require to determine what is right for you. We will focus on your comfort, fit and appearance, working with you every step of the way to recreate your natural smile. We listen to your needs and do what we can within our scope of practice to make you happy! All you have to do is make an appointment. It's that simple!

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